Why WordPress is Still the Best Blogging Platform for Your Blogs

A large number of people have chosen their profession as blogging. You can generate money and get success if your blogging becomes successful. On comparing blogging with a number of professions, it has been found that a lot of people are earning comparatively more money through blogging. For writing the blogs the best platform is still the WordPress. There was a time when Google BlogSpot was very popular but now as compared to any other platforms, WordPress has gained the maximum popularity. Now I am going to describe why WordPress is still the best blogging platform for your blog.

1.A large number of quality themes – A large number of quality themes are present in WordPress. From the start of the WordPress an exponential increase in its quality themes has been observed. As per the blogs’ categories of different types, you can see the presence of blogging themes of different types. For instance, on the blogs of tech, fashion and health, the themes are hundreds in number. The functionalities are robust and the design is stunning in a large number of free themes of these kinds. In addition to this, it contains some extremely popular premium themes also. For writing blogs, the first choice is WordPress and it is because of the presence of themes of high-quality.

2.Use of plugins – Because of the supply of a large number of plugins the best platform for writing blogs is still the WordPress. In order to create business websites and blogs, WordPress helps the people a lot with the availability of a large number of plugins. To follow the online world’s current trend, the plugins’ count in it is increasing day by day. For taking your blog to a higher position you can use advanced plugins of different types. The WP has become the choice for a lot of people because of the free facilities of many kinds.

3.Customization is possible – The developer-friendliness and user-friendliness of WP makes it the best platform for blogging. For editing and designing the site as per your requirement you do not require to have any specific technical knowledge. Changing the post’s layout is possible here. For your blogs you can add some best widgets also. People are taking a lot of interest in WP because of the customizers and page builders of advanced type which allow customization in its design. Hiring developers every time is not possible for the purpose of adding new features. Just watch some tutorial videos and do it yourself.

4.Search engine’s visibility – A good ranking in the search engine is necessary for the success of a website. In order to get a better rank, optimization of the site is necessary but for this you do not need to hire SEO experts by spending a lot of dollars. A WP site is basically an SEO friendly site. Landing on the first page is possible if you pick themes that are premium. It is possible for you to perform on-page SEO of your site by using a number of plugins so as to improve your PageRank. So, we can say that for writing blogs the best platform is WP.

5.Makes money online – You can earn money by writing blogs. However, it is very difficult to monetize other platforms. For getting more clicks if you want that in the desired positions the ad segments should be placed then it is not possible for you. With the affiliation-links of third parties there is a possibility of cancellation of your AdSense. But without making so many efforts, it is possible to do anything in WP. Placing the links anywhere in WP is possible. If you want to prevent the crawlers of the search engine from detecting the affiliation links then you can do the links cloaking.

6.Support of social media – Your blogs can go viral if you will use platforms of social media. The WP can get a lot of benefits from this. For profile integration and sharing on social media there are a set of plugins on WP. By using platforms of social media, the users can see the activities of your website. The visitors can follow, share and like you.

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