The Best Grill Restaurant in Dubai

“The best grill restaurant in Dubai” has become a common refrain for visitors and locals alike since our first article on this topic was published back in 2021. A quick trip to the local travel and restaurant section of any of the many Dubai tourist guides will render countless results, but how can you tell which is the best and which is just a subpar version of what you would expect if you dine out at any of the best restaurants in Dubai? The answer is simple – by going online and looking at customer reviews. Take a moment to browse the various restaurant review websites and search out the Dubai restaurant that seems to have the most positive feedback from its diners.

“At The Maine, our guest’s and employees’ safety and well-being are always the top priority.”

This is precisely the type of restaurant you would expect to find when looking for the very best grills in Dubai. The first thing you will notice is that the atmosphere is very laid back. Everything is comfortable and not overbearing. Only a few tables are set aside for private dining, and these are spaced so closely together that you cannot see out of one end of the restaurant. The line at this place is quite long, so your chances of getting a table are quite good.

There are various dishes on offer, from starters like roasted lamb or beef, to main courses such as seared duck or lamb shoulder with rice. You can also get some great side dishes such as grilled fish or seafood, or some of the traditional Bedouin favorites. Drinks come in a wide variety of styles and colours, including traditional white and red wines. This means that you are never under any illusion as to the choice available to you. Of course, if you feel like something a little bit more exotic, you can always have sparkling wine instead.

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The interiors of the establishment are surprisingly stylish for such a pub-style restaurant. The bar area has three different levels, which all serve their own type of drinks. This means that there is a selection for guests of all tastes. At the main level, you can order cocktails and other drinks, or you can just select what you would like to have. If you want, there are over 40 bottled wines available to be sampled.

When it comes to food, you will have a choice between platters, stews, curries, sushi and other foodstuffs. Of course, you can also opt for the traditional Arab fare, including rice, dates and meat. Vegetarians will be able to munch on various types of salad and desserts. There are plenty of options for dessert as well. Arabic sweets are served in abundance, both as a dessert in a cone or in individual leaves.

When it comes to service, the team at The Maine is friendly and welcoming. The waiters take good care of their guests, ensuring that they have everything they need while they are dining in Dubai. They are efficient and friendly, and are willing to help with any enquiries customers may have. You can choose to dine either in your hotel’s lobby or away from it. It is up to you. Your guests will surely enjoy their experience.

All in all, The Maine is a fine establishment and also known as the best Grill Restaurant in Dubai. It caters to all types of tastes. There is something for everybody. The price is right, too. The service is up to scratch.

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