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How does exercising help to treat erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a commonly encountered problem among men, regardless of their age. We can say – millions of men are suffering from ED & it’s normal.

You may be suffering from ED when you cannot attain or maintain the desired hardness of erections during sexual intimacy.

If you dig deeper into this matter, you’ll get to know that it’s all about the muscles that cause erections. These are pelvic organ muscles that are supposed to lead & maintain erections. When they lose their tone & strength, ED happens. In other words, when there is a lot of stress around the smooth pelvic organ muscles, poor erectile conditions occur.

What are the risk factors of ED?

You may wonder about the possibilities that expose a man’s health to ED. Here are some common risk factors:

  • Poor heart health
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Less to no physical activity
  • Smoking & alcohol habits
  • Overweight/Obese
  • Stressful lifestyle

Believe it or not, doctors who prescribe ED medicines like Kamagra, Fildena, Cenforce, Viagra, etc also suggest that getting back to your ideal weight, making some lifestyle changes, and exercising regularly can improve ED conditions.

How effective is exercising as compared to other ED treatments?

Plucking the problems from roots will have impactful & long-lasting effects on health. Any ED medicine will only promise to minimize the effects, but it cannot cure impotence completely. By the time you’re using those medicine, you’ll surely feel that ED is gone until its active ingredient stays in your bloodstream.

To be honest, some men don’t prefer to use ED pills but opt for some natural treatments that give permanent solutions.

If you only know, physical as well as psychological factors are both responsible for causing ED. So, exercising could be an effective solution.

Which exercises are ideal for ED conditions?

According to research, only exercises that strengthen pelvic organ muscles will benefit for ED. As discussed earlier, it’s all about improved functioning of pelvic organs.

The key role of pelvic organ muscles is to sustain the blood flow in the penis to let it hold on to stiffer & firm erections throughout the sexual intercourse. This happens when the muscles pressurize penile veins & this pressure prevents blood from leaving the male genitals. Thus, the rock-hard erection becomes possible.


3 Kegel Exercises for men to try for ED

  1. Pelvic floor muscles activation

It’s extremely easy for any man to perform pelvic floor exercising as it is extremely simple. As you do this, your pelvic floor muscles will be activated. Follow these steps:

  • Lie down on the floor in a position where your knees are bent & feet are flat on the floor. Your arms must be lying by the sides in a relaxed position.
  • Exhale in such a way that your pelvic organ muscles are squeezed for a count of three.
  • Next, inhale & release for a count of three.
  • Allow yourself to determine the right group of muscles underlying the pelvis. While you’re doing this, you may accidentally contract other muscles like the stomach, legs, buttock, etc but that’s fine.


  1. Pelvic floor activation by Sitting

You must have got an idea that we’re about to guide you for activating pelvic muscles in a sitting position. Do this:

  • Sit in such a way that your arms are on the sides, your feet are flat-lying on the floor & hips are wide apart.
  • As we did in step one, exhale & inhale for a count of three.
  • You have to gain better control that only pelvic organ muscles are contracting & not your stomach, leg, or buttock muscles.


  1. Pelvic floor activation by Standing

Lastly, we’ll be activating pelvic muscles in a standing position. Here is what you’ll do:

  • Stand straight, if possible, stand with your wall support.
  • Repeat the inhale-exhale technique, as done in steps one & two.
  • Make sure that your stomach, buttock & leg muscles aren’t contracting.

Note: Kegel exercises are to be performed three times a day.

3 Pilates Exercises that’ll work for men with ED & Oral treatment also helps to treat erectile dysfunction

Pilate exercises are performed for activating the right muscle-group & it challenges the individual for maintaining pelvic floor strength while moving.

  1. Pelvic curl

One of the most common Pilate exercises, pelvic curls is very effective. Let us show you how to perform this step by step:

  • Lie down in a position when your knees are bent, feet are lying flat on the floor, and arms are positioned by the side.
  • Your spine should be in a neutral position in such a way that a small space is maintained between your middle-back & floor.
  • Now, exhale & concentrate on your pelvic organ muscles.
  1. Knee fallouts

Ideal for beginners, knee fallouts are all about small movements. Here is what you should do:

  • Lie down in a position when your knees are bent, feet are lying flat on the floor, and arms are positioned by the side.
  • Your spine should be in a neutral position in such a way that a small space is maintained between your middle-back & floor.
  • Exhale, squeeze your pelvic organ muscles & lower your knee on the floor, one at a time. Make sure your pelvic organ muscles are activated while you lower your knee towards the floor. Your pelvis should be stable when you’re doing this.
  • Now inhale & release the muscles while your knees are still bending.
  • You should repeat this on each side until your repetition count reaches 10.


  1. Supine foot raises

Similar to knee fallouts, this exercise also involves small movements.

  • Lie down in a position when your knees are bent, feet are lying flat on the floor, and arms are positioned by the side.
  • Your spine should be in a neutral position in such a way that a small space is maintained between your middle-back & floor.
  • Now, inhale & lower your foot towards the ground.
  • Repeat alternate sides with 10 repetitions on each side.

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Also these are also helps to cure ED

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Which other exercises can help?

  • Aerobics
  • Skipping
  • Boxing
  • Running
  • Cycling

These are a few other exercises that could be done for at least 40 minutes daily for 6 months to see positive changes to your ED problems. Besides this, consuming a healthy diet will also help you reach your goals easily.

Final Thoughts

You have now discovered some very good exercises that are recognized by experts for the treatment of ED. Before you start doing any of them, make sure you’ve consulted your doctor & then performing any that suits best according to your health conditions. We hope this helps.

Can Exercise Assist in Improving the Love Life of a Man?

Love and romance are a part of most men’s life and people who are in committed relationships and marriages are in a constant hunt to make their love life more exciting and pleasing for them and their partner.

There are various things that men try to improve their love life, they spend a lot of money going out on fancy dates and or buying expensive gifts for their partner.

Men also put in a lot of effort such as buying flowers, remembering big and small events, and celebrating them with their partner and doing everything in their power to keep their partner happy.

But have you ever considered that exercise and physical activities can also have a positive effect on your love life?

These are the times when it is practically impossible to physically exert ourselves due to the various gadgets and devices that we use in our daily life. Most of our time is spent putting undue pressure on our brains, but our bodies get close to no physical movements.

You might equate this excessively sedentary lifestyle as a sign of luxury and comfort, but if you are a man this very lifestyle may be harming your love life.

On the other hand, if you are looking for some ways to improve your love life and increase your partner’s satisfaction levels in the relationship then exercise is something that you should consider.

Exercise Helps Men Stay Fit & Healthy:

Now not everyone can have 6 or 8 pack abs but it is possible for almost every man to try some physical exercises so that he becomes healthier.

When a man is healthy and fit, he is perceived to be a much more attractive partner than someone who is constantly sick or under the weather.

Exercise also boosts your immune system so that your body protects you better from most common illnesses such as fever or common cold which may not be fatal, but they can definitely slow you down.

Also, women are subconsciously hardwired to find men who are fit and healthier to be more attractive as nature intends women to mate with the healthier males so that they can pass on healthier genes in their children. Now reproduction does not have to be your end goal unless you want it to be, but healthier men are definitely more attractive to women.

Exercise Promotes Healthier Heart health:

Our heart is one of the most important organs that we have in our body, and it has an impact on your love life, more specifically on your sexual health.

Men with weaker hearts or many different conditions related to the heart usually tend to suffer from sexual dysfunction that prevents them from having erections, which is known as erectile dysfunction. As a man, you should know that it is almost impossible to make love to your partner without an erect penile shaft. There are treatments for this condition such as Cenforce 100, but even exercise can keep your heart healthy and prevent this condition from occurring in the first place, or improve the symptoms of this condition for you.

Exercise has a Positive Impact on the Blood Circulation of your Body:

The main function of our heart is to pump blood which is the carrier of oxygen and nutrients across our whole body through the arteries as well as bringing the deoxygenated blood and waste products back to the heart to filter through the veins.

Another interesting thing is that men have erections due to a rush of blood toward their penile shaft when a man has experienced sexual arousal in some form. But some men have poor blood circulation due to the narrowing of the blood vessels, low production of nitric oxide, the action of the PDE5 enzyme in their body, and even excessive body fat. This could be a cause of weaker erections in men or even a complete lack of erections which then has to be treated with medications such as Fildena 100.

Exercise helps in improving the blood vessels, which dilates your blood vessels which helps in the prevention of erectile dysfunction and even helps you in having stronger erections just like the medication Vidalista 20.

Healthy blood circulation also gives you healthier hair and healthier skin, which makes you appear more physically attractive. And let’s admit it, we humans are attracted towards healthier skin and hairs so it will be great for your love life.

These are a few benefits that you will have on your love life as well as your sexual life when you add exercise to your daily life. Now when you think of exercise, you don’t necessarily have to hit the gym, you can also do some push-ups or planks at home or go for an evening walk or morning run. You can pick a sport to keep you physically active or choose yoga to keep your body fit and toned. All types of physical activities are good as long as they benefit your body.