Importance of digital transformation and having a business website

If there is one take away for small business owners from 2020, it would have to be investing in building an online presence. While ecommerce businesses flourished during the lookdowns, a lot of small businesses suffered the consequences of not establishing an online presence in a timely manner. Before the pandemic there were talks about how establishing an online presence can benefit your business but that’s not the case anymore. Now it’s the question of survival. Whether you went out of business during the pandemic or managed to stay afloat through pandemic without having an online presence, here are some key reasons why making a business website is important for you to survive and thrive.

Stick around to find out why you need to hire a web development company ASAP to build a seamless website for your business.


Gone are the days when you could hire part time contractors to throw random flyers into homes to let people know what you are selling. In this digital age when people are hooked to their phone, it’s useless to invest in the traditional old marketing practices. Having an online presence means you can run targeted marketing campaigns on search engines and social platforms. They cost a lot less than purchasing a billboard ad on the main highways or paying a local channel to run your ad in a prime time show. 

You could be the best in town in your particular industry but no one would know of your existence unless you market yourself. What’s better than being able to decide what gender, age group or area you would like to target? Having a website allows you to market your business effectively to the right people.

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So you made it through the lockdowns because you had stashed some money for the rainy days but how long do you think you can last if you won’t cater to your customers online. People’s shopping habits have significantly evolved over the past year. They are more comfortable with online shopping than they were simply because it is more convenient. While you can still cater to the customers who live around the corner and walk in to your store, having a website would expand your customer base and include the customers who are more comfortable with ordering what they need online.

You can significantly increase your sales simply by establishing an online presence. Besides, you have a lot to gain by giving your customers an option to shop online but at the same time you could lose a lot of business that would go to your competitor instead because you are not there to facilitate your customers online.


In this digital age, the first thing any customer would do is look you up online after finding out about your business. Your customers are simply not going to trust you if you won’t have an online presence. Your website is your business’ first interaction with your customers, imagine how they would feel if they found out that you have none. You could be trusted by the customers that live around the corner and visit your store every other day but to new customers you would have no credibility without a functioning website.

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