Halasana Yoga Pose: Benefits, Steps, and Precautions

In Halasan, the body becomes like the plow of the farmer, so it is called Halasana. Through this yoga, you can overcome many types of diseases. This asana is very important in making the neck straight and flexible. 


With the Halasana yoga pose, you can make the spine flexible and remove obesity from your body. Include this yoga in your daily lifestyle, you can also bring the glow to the skin. 


Doing daily Halasana will increase the desire to work in the mind. Along with this, your stress will go away and you will become healthy. So let’s know how to do Halasana yoga, what are the benefits and steps of doing Halasana yoga pose, and precautions while doing this asana.


Steps of doing Halasana Yoga Pose


Step 1: If possible practice this asana in the morning, take a mat on the floor and lay down, and keep your mind calm for some time. 


Step 2: Now lie down on your back and keep both your hands straight and adjacent to the ground.


Step 3: Then keep the two feet together and keep the heel-legs together.


Step 4: Now raise both the legs slowly upwards, in order to raise the legs first, make an angle of 30, 60, and 90 degrees, then put the feet on the backside of the head on the ground and keep the feet absolutely straight.


Step 5: Leave your hand directly on the ground. After coming into this state, a little bit will be applied to the upper part of the chest.


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Step 6: After the complete state of the Halasana yoga pose, remain in this state for 8-10 seconds and keep breathing and exhaling.


Step 7: Then to get back to normal position, without stressing the knees, neck, and shoulders, slowly bring the feet back to their place.


Duration / Repeat: This posture can last 20-30 seconds. Gradually this time can be increased conveniently. You can do this two to three times.


Benefits of doing  Halasana Yoga Pose 


1- Regular exercise of Halasan makes the spinal cord strong and flexible.


2- People who have diabetes disease gets benefited from the Halasana yoga pose.


3- Halasana yoga asana reduces unnecessary fat around your tummy area. It is very beneficial in reducing weight as well. 


4- Those who have problems with indigestion might take benefit from this asana.


5- Halasana yoga pose is also beneficial for reproduction.


6- Strengthens the neck, shoulders, abdomen, back, and, waist muscles.


7- It controls your tummy to come out and makes your body shapely.


8- In insomnia, infertility, headache, thyroid disorder, doing this asana is beneficial.


9- This increases digestive power and also removes hunger-related problems, which helps you to avoid stomach problems. 


10- This asana is also very beneficial in providing period pain relief, but do consult a doctor once. At the same time, Halasan also reduces the symptoms of menopause in women.


11- Doing Halasana stimulates the internal organs of the stomach and the glands of the thyroid, protecting you from many diseases like thyroid. Besides these benefits, it also keeps your immune system well.


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Precautions need to keep in mind while doing Halasana


  • People like heart patients, high blood pressure, and low blood pressure patients should not do this asana. 


  • Never do it with a jerk. First, raise your legs to just 30 degrees and move back. Then raise the legs to 90 degrees and bring them back. Move the feet fully back in 3 times.


  • Try to make this asana as slow as possible in the beginning.


  •  Do not do this asana in case of serious spine disease or any serious disease in the throat. While doing the asana, keep in mind that the legs and knees should be straight. 


  • Women should do this asana only on the advice of a yoga teacher.


Are you still curious to learn more about yoga asana? In fact, you can join a yoga school in Rishikesh, India. This might help you to go through many asanas for good results.