Do You Suspect That He Is Cheating On You?

Detective describes the 10 unmistakable signs

Infidelity is something that happens in relationships, whether youthful or more mature, and is one of the most common causes of their breakup.

In most cases, the unbeliever tries to hide his … sin. Most of the time, however, to no avail. Especially if the perpetrator is the husband and the victim is the wife. And this is because the female instinct is almost infallible. It is typical that it has been proven that 85% of women who think that their partner is cheating on them are right. On the other hand, the male instinct does not seem to be so developed, since, according to him, only 50% of men who suspect that their wife is cheating on them, is confirmed.

The Greek based investigator Phillip Hatzis agrees that all the women who asked for his help because they thought their partner was cheating on them were right. “They really want to believe their husbands who assure them that nothing is happening, but deep down they know and all they need is a proof. “Photos and videos can not lie, they are looking,” he said.

In order to contribute The Greek Detective Agency ΝΤΕΤΕΚΤΙΒ IPI  is askinhg you to pay attention to the following elements:

If you have noticed that he suddenly has no interest in having sex with you.
If instead of talking like any normal person on the phone, he whispers.
If he has increased the night outs with his friends.
If he has blocked you from his personal accounts or has changed his mobile and computer passwords.
If it “cleans” the computer’s browsing history regularly.
If he suddenly disappears from the house at invalid moments.
If he is late to return home.
If you have smelled a different scent than his own.
If he returns with strange receipts in his pocket or if he receives gifts at home.
Look for a pattern in his behavior. Did he suddenly start working as late e.g. only on Wednesdays? And he goes to his colleague at home e.g. every Friday night?

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International Private Investigators, ΝΤΕΤΕΚΤΙΒ IPI, is a leading private investigation agency in Athens Greece. They are the first private investigation agency in Athens Greece to introduce a lie detector / polygraph service.

International Private Investigators, ΝΤΕΤΕΚΤΙΒ, IPI who were founded in 1990 in Chicago, USA, by the Greek American private investigator (Detective) Phillip Hatzis but now based in Greece, are pleased to announce they now offer Polygraph Testing in Greece.

Phillip Hatzis is an ex intelligence agent from the US Army, he has served in the Gulf War in Desert Shield and Desert Storm and is now the owner of International Private Investigators agency in Athens Greece.