Custom magnetic closure boxes perfect for gifts

Last week I bought two beautiful custom magnetic closure boxes by my favorite skincare company. The company has launched its two star-selling products and one new moisturizer in vivid packaging that is functional, attractive, and durable. Every year I wait for this time to buy these boxes for myself and my mother or siblings. These custom magnetic closure boxes make for the perfect seasonal gifts. My sisters, mother, and I have the same skin texture. It gets dry and flaky even in summer. So like every time, this time too, I checked the magnetic closure boxes packaging boxes to spot ingredients like Jojoba oil and wheat germ. We always buy skincare products that contain either jojoba oil or wheat germ as they work wonderfully for our skin and keep it supple and soft during extreme weather.

The product variant I got for myself came in the lightest olive-green hue with silver tints. The silver in the visual content printed on the magnetic closure boxes packaging boxes is via the foil stamping feature. The ancient Egyptian world introduced the foil stamping technique to the world. They used to beat gold and silver metal into thin sheets. These sheets were then infused with papyrus and used as vital religious documents. As packaging and printing technologies strengthened with time, so did this technology. Today the packaging companies experiment with many material types to bring out versatile metallic colors ranging from gold to rose gold. It gave my premium product box an attractive appeal. They wowed everyone who looks at the boxes. From experience, I know that these boxes are very durable.

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Benefits of printed magnetic closure boxes

The ones I brought in the previous years store my essential documents. These boxes come from the finest cardboard stocks, which are durable and have high resistance. They do not lose their shapes and are sturdy enough to look and function like new for many years. The exterior of the printed magnetic closure boxes I bought has a Spot UV coating. It adds a fluid-like shine to the boxes.

The visual content looks dramatic under Spot UV. The areas covered with Spot UV remain visible even in the dim lights. Because of this reason, they apply Spot UV to the brand’s logo, tagline, slogan, and other details. They print all the products related information on these boxes. The customers can read them to find out the approximate weight of every product, the ingredients’ list, best before period, and other details.

The magnetic box gift package I got for my mother is in all gold color. It is a premium product infused with wheat germ extracts. The logo and image on the box are embossed and have a Spot UV coating. The box looks beautiful. Last night I unboxed my gift box. When I shared the images of this box with my friends online, all of them got excited. They wanted me to record a video of the unboxing. So last night, I recorded a video unboxing this package. The box in olive looked as if they crafted it from wood. But they crafted it from cardboard. It has a little pull-me-out ribbon. As I tugged gently on the ribbon, the flap separated from the base. As the box opened up, it revealed three products, each in its place. They lined the interior of the box with the same-colored satin and looked beautiful.

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Ordering custom magnetic closure boxes

Manufacturers of magnetic closure boxes in the USA have designed various layouts in custom magnetic closure boxes. They are used readily in other industries as well. If you are looking for premium packaging options for your products, give ClipnBox magnetic closure boxes a try.