Churail Web Series Receives Brutal Social Media Backlash In Pakistan

In 2020, the Churails web series was banned in Pakistan due to one particular scene that revealed vulgarity and inappropriateness. The show was aired on Zee5, an Indian streaming platform, which stopped airing its shows in Pak. The social media platforms started to get filled with criticism and outrageous comments upon the content of the drama as well as India’s decision to shun it in the country.

Other than that, the churails web series cast was criticized by the Pakistani public for being a part of an immoral show that was presumably vulgar and against the norms and values of the religion. Furthermore, aside from the people hooting against the series, its fans were offended by the decision of banning the show. They presented their arguments in the favor of the drama and against those who restricted the public from watching it.

Social Media Backlash on Churails Web Series

Zee5 Web series Churails became notorious on Pakistani social media after one of its clips went viral on the platforms. The series and its cast faced disparagement from the community due to several things portrayed in the video. For most people, the language was extremely vulgar, the dressing of women was inapt, and the depiction of women in society was unacceptable. Many considered the show unsuitable for the community and condemnable since it could have been a source of initiating a trend of sexual acts among the conservative community.

What Became An Actual Source of Disparagement?

The main reason behind the outrageousness was the characters’ bold language and substance. Hina Khawaja Hayat was playing the role of a working woman who had pleased men sexually to attain a secure and influential position in the corporate world. The very scene became the reason behind the downfall of Churails in Pakistan as social media users started demanding the immediate ban of the series.

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Battle For the Freedom of Expression

In Pakistan or many other countries, people are still fighting to gain freedom of expression. Several individuals presented the argument that banning a show isn’t a solution but a restriction for those who are against the unnecessary restrictions on them. Shunning Churails web series from the Muslim region was not the right decision since there are so many people who admire art more than the norms, social media users opined.

Moreover, another argument reveals that banning was not the solution but giving rights to the viewers was. In other words, those people who found it inappropriate, shouldn’t have watched it. Those who were fond of the series would have enjoyed it like they enjoy every other drama. The point was if people didn’t like it, they were free not to pay any attention to it. But taking away the freedom of expression was also an immoral thing to do. Some media users stated that, even though the shunning stopped many people from watching the show, the enthusiasts had still found a way to watch Churials online through different means. For instance, the world is familiar with the words, VPN, Proxy, and Piracy. Banning is not a permanent solution so there is no point in taking away the freedom to watch a television show. The critics should let people decide on their own that whether they want to watch something inappropriate or not.