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Take a look at our selection of UAE soups.

Around 20,000 years ago, soups were called broth. Using natural and adaptable ingredients, soups have been popular since antiquity. All of humanity’s evolution was in sync with that of the rest of the world. Soups, on the other hand, have evolved, but with a better taste and better ingredients than before. Those who enjoy traditional cuisines will find Dubai to be a haven. There was a lack of adventure in the soups, but they were generally very good in general. A lot of fun was had with soups as a result of this evolution. From plain meat gravy to the latest creamy and tasty soups, unlimited components have replaced the recipes to treat our tongues to a treat.

Soups are available at Muscovites in a variety of flavours.

Muscovites offer a wide variety of soups that cater to the tastes and preferences of our customers. Let’s take a look at our soup menu


Beef is a favourite of those who enjoy good food. Anyone’s mouth will water when they taste beef’s delicious flavour. One of our favourite soups is borscht, a hearty vegetable soup made with potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onion, beets, and parsley. Adding sour cream enhances the flavour of the vegetables by giving them a creamy, tangy texture and flavour. Your mouth will water at the sight of beetroot and juicy beef marinated in traditional spices and other ingredients.


Pork is the most popular and easily accessible meat. It’s no secret that chicken dishes are popular. The chicken soup market is flooded with a variety of soups, but to maintain a superior flavour, specific procedures and carefully selected ingredients are used. Soup with chicken chunks and potatoes and eggs and cucumbers and spring onions is one of our most popular offerings. Red radish in sour cream gives vegetables a unique flavour. Assembled in an eye-catching presentation with fresh red radish, Okroshka is the perfect dinner starter.



To die for is the delicious Russian soup that combines three different types of seafood in a delicious broth and is beautifully presented. Fillet Hamour, Salmon, and Dori fish are prepared with vegetables such as carrot, celery and parsley to enhance the flavour of the fish. Infusing the soup with a unique tomato flavour will give it a fantastic taste and texture! To top it all off, you’ll enjoy the richness of three different fishes. In addition to taste and appearance, we strive to provide food with the highest health benefit. Broth made from fish is good for your health and can help you stay energised and healthy.


Because of the Croatian technique used to prepare it, it’s a royal option. For our diners, the Muscovites Club uses clams carefully harvested from the seabeds and delivered to the restaurant. In order to keep the clams’ flavour intact, we add olive oil, which enhances their flavour. For every soup, our chefs’ delicacy in gathering high-quality ingredients, combined with their keen sense of taste, brings out its best flavours.In addition to all of these soups, Muscovites also offers a wide variety of other soups that are not available anywhere else. There is nothing better than a weekend filled with entertainment and good food. And now, what are you going to do? Make a reservation right now!

The Best Grill Restaurant in Dubai

“The best grill restaurant in Dubai” has become a common refrain for visitors and locals alike since our first article on this topic was published back in 2021. A quick trip to the local travel and restaurant section of any of the many Dubai tourist guides will render countless results, but how can you tell which is the best and which is just a subpar version of what you would expect if you dine out at any of the best restaurants in Dubai? The answer is simple – by going online and looking at customer reviews. Take a moment to browse the various restaurant review websites and search out the Dubai restaurant that seems to have the most positive feedback from its diners.

“At The Maine, our guest’s and employees’ safety and well-being are always the top priority.”

This is precisely the type of restaurant you would expect to find when looking for the very best grills in Dubai. The first thing you will notice is that the atmosphere is very laid back. Everything is comfortable and not overbearing. Only a few tables are set aside for private dining, and these are spaced so closely together that you cannot see out of one end of the restaurant. The line at this place is quite long, so your chances of getting a table are quite good.

There are various dishes on offer, from starters like roasted lamb or beef, to main courses such as seared duck or lamb shoulder with rice. You can also get some great side dishes such as grilled fish or seafood, or some of the traditional Bedouin favorites. Drinks come in a wide variety of styles and colours, including traditional white and red wines. This means that you are never under any illusion as to the choice available to you. Of course, if you feel like something a little bit more exotic, you can always have sparkling wine instead.

The interiors of the establishment are surprisingly stylish for such a pub-style restaurant. The bar area has three different levels, which all serve their own type of drinks. This means that there is a selection for guests of all tastes. At the main level, you can order cocktails and other drinks, or you can just select what you would like to have. If you want, there are over 40 bottled wines available to be sampled.

When it comes to food, you will have a choice between platters, stews, curries, sushi and other foodstuffs. Of course, you can also opt for the traditional Arab fare, including rice, dates and meat. Vegetarians will be able to munch on various types of salad and desserts. There are plenty of options for dessert as well. Arabic sweets are served in abundance, both as a dessert in a cone or in individual leaves.

When it comes to service, the team at The Maine is friendly and welcoming. The waiters take good care of their guests, ensuring that they have everything they need while they are dining in Dubai. They are efficient and friendly, and are willing to help with any enquiries customers may have. You can choose to dine either in your hotel’s lobby or away from it. It is up to you. Your guests will surely enjoy their experience.

All in all, The Maine is a fine establishment and also known as the best Grill Restaurant in Dubai. It caters to all types of tastes. There is something for everybody. The price is right, too. The service is up to scratch.

Top Three Italian Restaurant In Dubai, UAE [Recommended]

Bice Mare

What makes Bice Mare at Souk Al Bahar special is the views – they have one of the most enviable spots in the souk for overlooking the Dubai Fountain. There’s a big focus on seafood and handcrafted pastas. Dishes are designed to be shared and the menu changes seasonally.

Bice Mare, Level 2, Souk Al Bahar Downtown Burj Khalifa, daily noon to 11.30pm. Tel: (04) 423 0982.

Bice Ristorante

Settle into this handsome dining room, overlooking the pool at the Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, for authentic antipasti, grills and handcrafted pastas. Must-try dishes include the tortelli con salsa al tartufo (ricotta and spinach pasta parcels in a creamy truffle sauce), and the fettuccine with lobster.

Bice Ristorante, Hilton Dubai Jumeirah, The Walk, JBR, daily 12.30pm to 3.30pm and 7pm to 11.30pm. Tel: (04) 318 2520.


Coppasta is an Italian restaurant near Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai. Treat yourself to an authentic Italian dining cuisine and enjoy delicious pastas, pizzas and risotto among other delicacies. Experience the mesmerizing Burj Khalifa view while you dine with your loved ones.

ADDRESS: Souq Al Manzil, Downtown, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd, Dubai, PHONE: 80026772

An Online Organic Food Shop Can Offer You Freshness You Can’t Get in a Local Market

An online organic food shop is a must-have in Dubai. Dubai is a modern city with a lot of going on and exploring. That is why it is important to be able to do your thing easily and quickly. Online ordering of organic products is just one way of doing things in such a fast-paced environment.

The good thing about an online organic food shop in Dubai is that you can check out the items in detail right then and there. If you are planning on making a purchase, then the convenience of an online shop would work in your favor. You will not need to waste time driving from store to store just to check out the items in person. When you want to make a purchase, all you have to do is sit down at your computer and check out the prices at the top of the page. This is more convenient than buying offline.

There are many benefits to buying organic foods online. Aside, from the fact that it is convenient, online stores have higher inventory levels than conventional shops. This means that you get better quality for your money. You also get more varieties and choices online than you do in a conventional store.

An online organic food shop in Dubai gives you the opportunity to buy local and seasonal ingredients. This makes it very easy to sample the different tastes of the region. It allows you to create your own unique food experience. The wide variety of available products also allows you to make an educated choice.

An online organic food shop in Dubai will give you access to a wide variety of organic products from over 100 countries around the world. That is a lot to choose from. In addition, when you shop online, you don’t have to travel far just to find the right ingredients. All of the important information you need is right there. You can order what you need right away.

In an online organic food shop, you will find all sorts of great organic food deals. From local fruit and vegetables to exotic ingredients, you will find great deals on all kinds of food. When you shop online, the benefits of organic food shopping outweigh the extra work of driving all over the area. You get all of the great benefits of organic food without having to deal with the hassles of the grocery store.

An online organic food shop in Dubai lets you buy certified organic ingredients. In other words, they won’t use synthetic pesticides or chemicals to keep the produce fresh. That’s a huge benefit for the environment. With the high demand for organic foods, it is only a matter of time until supply dwindles and prices rise. If you want to save even more money on your purchases, check out an online organic food shop.

A local organic food shop might be your best option if you live in an area that does not offer much in the way of organic food stores. However, you may not be able to find the organic items you are looking for. If you are willing to drive a long distance, check out an online organic food shop for great deals on organic food items.

An online organic food shop offers more options than a local shop. They carry a wide variety of organic foods, including those that are grown organically. For people who eat a primarily meat-based diet but also want to eat organic food, an online shop can give them everything they need. You can find frozen products, dehydrated meat and other specialty items as well. An online organic food shop often has deals on organic groceries, which means you can buy in bulk at a great price.

Many online organic food shops also offer organic baby products and organic skin care items. Many new mothers rely on organic products for their babies when they are unable to give them conventional medicines or vitamins. An online organic food shop can make sure you find what you are looking for.

It is possible to have organic food delivered right to your door. An online organic food shop allows you to have an organic grocery delivery instead of having to haul your organic food items yourself. This allows you to enjoy the freshness of your organic food items without having to worry about where they are going. If you have been looking for ways to eat healthier, try shopping at an online organic food shop.